Silcona GmbH & Co.KG is focused on the development, production and marketing of innovative high performance additives for environmental friendly coating systems. Silcona is serving the coatings and graphic arts industries with a cornucopia of tailor made and highly efficient additives.


Water Base and Solvent Base Systems.

UV Curing.

Printing Inks.

Industrial Coatings.

Leather Coatings.

Arquitectural Coatings.

Paper Coatings.

Textile Coatings.


Technical Plastics.

Dispersing Additives and APEO- Free.

Flow and Levelling Additives.

Slip Additives with high MW.

Wetting Additives.

Hydrophobing Additives for Construction Materials.

Defoaming Additives.

Silco Sperse®   |  Silco FLW®   |  Silco Glide®   |  Silco WET®   |  Silco Phobe®   |  Silco AF®