We are a medium sized, family-owned company in its second generation, internationally as a "Specialist for Macromolecular Chemistry". Starting with the development of polymer dispersions for adhesives, our core business today is the development, production and marketing of polymers in the form of emulsions, solutions or as mass polymers.


Overprint Varnishes

Printing Inks

Architectural Coatings


Industrial Maintenance.

Wood Finishing

Personal Care.

Specialities: (Paper, Textile, Adhesives)

Hard Resins.

Hard Resin Solutions.

Acrylic Emulsions.

Styrene Acrylic Emulsions.

Vinyl Acetate Emulsions


a) Antistatic Agents.

b) Dispersing Agents

c) Rheological Modifiers.

d) Opacifiers.

e) Cross Linking Agents.

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